Why outsourcing Pre-Placement Screening is the right thing for your company

According to Public Health England, the combined costs from worklessness and sickness absence amount to over £100 billion annually. On average, managers spend 20 working days annually dealing with sickness absence (see ACAS). There are tools available to assist employers (see ACAS), but a great way to mitigate issues is by having a robust pre-placement health screening process to ensure adjustments are in place at the start.

Most new employees don’t want to start the working relationship by disclosing their health history. They worry they may be passed over for someone who hasn’t ticked the boxes for a pre-existing condition, but don’t realise that employers are not allowed to ask about health prior to offering a position. It is only after the job offer has been made that an employer can ask for permission from the employee to discuss health information, and only if it will be gained to assist in making appropriate adjustments to the workplace environment to ensure they as an employer are compliant with regulations. A good employer will make adjustments to ensure their new employee is healthy and comfortable regardless of any regulated obligations.

A pre-placement questionnaire should be in-depth and confidential for the employee. When outsourcing the pre-placement process, the employee’s private medical and health information is kept secure, and any decisions an employer makes are based on information gained professionally and at arm’s length. Only the information the employee wishes to disclose is provided to the employer, and employees have received appropriate professional advice on its validity. An Occupational Health service is the best option for employers in managing their obligations to new starters, and they can rest easy knowing they’ve not crossed any boundaries in obtaining health information about their employees.

Collingwood Health provides a trusted pre-placement process where information is kept following all legal requirements. Our customers can ensure they are meeting their obligations whilst protecting and respecting their employees right to privacy and security. Employees will have less sickness absence if adjustments are made at the beginning of their relationship with the employer — one which is set up from the start to be proactive and understanding.

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