The Benefits of Having a Workplace Assessment

Workplace Assessments involve an ergonomic specialist or occupational health nurse attending the worksite and performing an analysis of the work system and how a single or multiple employees interact within it, risks the system poses to health, and how that system can be adjusted, taking into consideration all legal requirements. This can be on an industrial or office scale, and results in a comprehensive report including photos, analysis, charts, and pertinent advice.

The clinician creates a comprehensive data driven overview of how the employees move throughout the work system, whether that is a factory or a journey from car park to desk. The employee’s journey from arrival at work to the workspace is clinically reviewed, including interactions with the workspace throughout their day involving all expected activities.

A workspace can be as simple as a desk with a display screen, keyboard, chair, mouse, and phone, or as complicated as a steel factory. Our clinicians have visited the working space of lift engineers, construction sites, food production lines, handymen, road workers, lorry drivers, warehouse workers, hospital workers, steel workers, and those who work at heights, to name a few.

Looking at the tasks and activities and how the employee performs them with the equipment and within the space provided, the clinician is able to see how the employee may be physically and mentally affected by the work and work environment. They give clinically and legally sound suggestions, recommendations for adjustments or new equipment, and advice to the employer on how to best ensure employee health and safety.

The clinician’s assessment is in depth, as they speak with management and supervisors to get a complete picture of work tasks and workspace. Many times, the clinician must wear safety equipment whilst they are making assessments, as they are in high risk locations alongside employees. They review the job role and requirements and meet with the employee(s) to discuss perceptions and experiences on site. Photos are taken, along with data compilation.

A workplace assessment demonstrates to all parties that business needs, job demands, and the employees’ options for their role are understood. Results from a workplace assessment include:

  • Fitness for role
  • Reasonable adjustments to role
  • Ergonomic support
  • Identity of risk management strategies
  • Advice on ergonomic and environmental support
  • Confirmation of temporary and potential permanent restrictions
  • Provide realistic phased and paced return to work options
  • Disability access and self-help, and health management at work
  • Display Screen Assessments with additional specific ergonomic advice
  • Evidence contributing to an ill health retirement process, fitness for work, and exposure control
  • Appropriate advice leaflets, apps, web links, manual handling training advice, and condition management
  • Stress risk assessments
  • Vehicle ergonomic assessments
  • HGV/delivery driver full day assessments

Sometimes a onetime face to face assessment in a clinic is not enough. You as an employer need clear advice to help you chart the way forward. Our clinician gains empirical data for opinions by conducting a workplace assessment as opposed to relying on job description and verbal information alone. This can better inform management decisions and legal compliance.

Consider having a workplace assessment for cases of injuries suspected of being caused at work, if you want to ensure no further injury is caused in the work place if an employee has an injury caused off site, or if you require design of an ergonomically sound work system that will mitigate workplace injury. This will lower incidences of musculoskeletal pain and other physical and non-physical effects for employees, and ensure your employees are healthy and safe. This results in a lower sickness absence rate and workers who feel supported and happier with their employer.

Seeing all the benefits of a workplace assessment can help HR partners and business owners make the right decisions. Collingwood Health provides industrial and office-based workplace assessments. Making a referral is as easy as filling out a secure online form. Please get in touch with a team member to discuss more.