Terms & Conditions-External Clinical Suppliers

Collingwood Health Ltd provides services to the engineering, manufacturing, commercial, and technology sectors in the UK. Many of our customers have been using our services for over 35 years, and today we serve clients in a full range of commercial and industrial sectors. We operate nationally and provide a complete range of Occupational Health services including dealing with musculoskeletal conditions, stress and mental health disorders, and all medical conditions related to absence and work performance. In addition to core services such as surveillance and health screening, we offer a case management approach that includes providing mental health related support, counselling services, physical rehabilitation, workplace assessments, and a broad spectrum of health and wellbeing programs and training in the workplace. We thank you for agreeing to undertake the following service on behalf of Collingwood Health Ltd.

Conditions of service

I. All correspondence should be through Collingwood Health Ltd case management team and not direct with the client

II. Collingwood Health Ltd will confirm all appointment details direct with the client and patient

III. Collingwood Health Ltd will provide you with all relevant documentation for the assessment including a Referral form

IV. Collingwood Health Ltd will provide the relevant consent form which must be completed and returned with the report to the case manager

V. Collingwood Health Ltd require email confirmation to the case manager after each appointment to confirm attendance

VI. No review appointments are to be booked unless authorization has been given from Collingwood Health Ltd

VII. Additional services may be appropriately advised including further reports, OH reviews, additional OH Physician review, workplace assessments, additional medical reports, counselling, and rehabilitation. Please recommend if appropriate, but do not assume the employer will agree

VIII. Physiotherapy/Counselling and CBT sessions will be authorized upfront and, therefore, the supplier is to book the next appointment with the patient directly, but communicate the appointment date and time to the Collingwood Health Ltd case management team

IX. All follow up appointment details are required to be emailed with an invoice attached after each single session to avoid delay in payment

X. No invoices will be accepted for multiple appointments/attendees unless otherwise agreed

XI. All reports are to be sent to Collingwood Health Ltd in Word format within 3 days of the appointment date. Workplace Assessments and Vehicle Ergonomic Assessments are given 5 days

XII. If a patient has requested to view their report prior to the release to the client, then the Collingwood Health Ltd case manager will arrange this

XIII. If any clarifications are required regarding the medical report, Collingwood Health Ltd will communicate this back to the supplier

XIV. Payment terms are 30 days from invoice date at the end of the month