Workplace & Vehicle Ergonomic Assessments

These range from straight-forward DSE (display screen equipment) assessments for office workers, to an ergonomic assessment of production cells for entire assembly lines or workplaces.

We offer:

  • Display Screen Equipment Assessments for office workers.
  • Workplace Assessments in offices or industrial locations.
  • Vehicle Ergonomic Assessments if a driver is complaining of automotive related discomfort that is keeping them from driving for work or pleasure.

We use workplace assessments as an essential element in case management referrals.

If the real question in an absence, disability, or workplace dispute case is, “What part of this role can my employee actually do ?” – it is imperative for us to see the workplace, observe the role, and speak with all the stakeholders.

Occupational Health Advisors, Physicians, Specialists, and Ergonomists will carry out these types of Workplace Assessments. For more information see our article The Benefits of Having a Workplace Assessment

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