There are many types of medicals, all done for very different reasons. These range from the exotic (spacecraft operator medical) to safety critical, to the everyday vital driver medical. We provide all types of medicals.

Medicals fall into general categories:

Fit for Work Medicals
The range of drivers, plant operators, crane drivers, and safety critical operatives are typical, but the range and scope is broad.

The outcome of these Fit for Work medicals is a fit certificate, or clear advice on restrictions.

There is little legal defence if a person is doing a safety critical role for which they are not fit (hence not safe) to do. Why take the risk ?

Travel Medicals
For frequent, business, or high risk travelers who want to know that they are safe to travel.

The issue may be frequent flights and the risk of DVT’s, or an underlying health condition that may not be treatable at the destination.

Executive Medicals
A range of executive type medicals, either as part of the organisation’s overall health or insurance package, or just as part of working for a great organisation.

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