Management Referrals

We all know that the costs and consequences of staff absences are significant. We know musculoskeletal disorders and mental ill-health are by far the biggest reasons for absences. Absence rates for organisations vary from 1% to 15%. We also know that there are people at work every day who are not productive and not well.

Management referrals sent to us cover every aspect of health, medicine, and wellbeing. We treat each case differently, and triage to the clinical route we believe will provide the best outcome, advice, or opinion, to both the employer and the employee.

For helpful information about making a referral to an occupational health provider, please see our post about enlisting the help of an occupational health provider.

In addition, to our own directly employed occupational health clinicians (OH Physicians, OH Advisors, OH Specialists, consultants, and therapists), we have an extensive national network of accredited associates covering every discipline, and most locations.

We are doctor led in our approach, and operate a Case Management model. This means that each case has start to finish continuity, with a single point of customer contact. We operate using our cloud based electronic patient management system, for all record keeping, and case history.

Our referrals portal is popular with our customers, enabling them to track cases.

Whether it’s a return to work after surgery, or support for a colleague who is struggling, we are ready to help.

Please contact us.