Infection Control Audits

With the worry of spreading a virus at work, you may be seeking assistance to ensure you are deep cleaning your work and business environments. How do you know if you are doing everything you should?

Collingwood Health is able to assist you with an Infection Control Audit.

An Infection Control Audit will identify areas of risk within your business, and focus on improvements in the transmission of infection by highlighting clean working environments. Reviews of the physical layout, protocols and policies, knowledge of basic infection control principles, and workplace practices are the key elements in the audit.

We will provide you with a report that will guide you with a list of recommendations and actions to follow.

Consistent adherence to infection control principles will allow employers to protect their workforce, permitting people to be in work safely if allowed.

Collingwood Health hopes to assist you to help ensure consistent and thorough application of key infection control principles.

Please let us know if we can be of help.