Health Surveillance

We provide Health Surveillance as is required by legislation in the United Kingdom. This includes testing for:

  • Hearing
  • Spirometry
  • Lung Function
  • Eyesight
  • Drug & Alcohol
  • Vibration exposure – Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome
  • Chemical exposure
  • Heat
  • Fumes
  • Face Fit
  • and more

Our mobile units come to you at your site and provide testing. Or you can send your employee’s to any of our medical centres.

About Health Surveillance

As an employer, the law requires that people are not harmed by working.

Companies must ensure their workers are not exposed to hazards than could harm them. Traditionally, that has required exposed staff to be regularly tested for exposure to noise, dust, vibration, chemicals, heat, fumes, and similar type risks.

The HSE website will give chapter and verse on the wide range of current legislation covering this extensive and complex subject.

Yet there are other more subtle drivers at play in managing an exposed workforce. For example, are new starters joining with already damaged health? Are operatives switching roles and hence exposures? Do all employees properly use Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)? These are complex questions.

Our approach

We have always taken a very cautious approach when developing health surveillance programmes with our customers to, of course, protect the health of employees, but also to prevent vexatious claims for such things as work induced hearing loss, and vibration white finger.

If you are looking for Drug & Alcohol testing, we have developed discrete compliant programmes, and offer them bespoke to run on your site in your time frames. We also have an annual Flu programme which we can form to your organisational needs.

We carry out health surveillance in a variety of ways to suit the unique requirements of each of our customers. In our fleet of mobile clinics parked at the factory or office, in our regional clinics, or using our clients’ facilities, we operate around the clock as needed.

We use the latest cloud based version of e-Opas as our universal electronic patient management system, which ensures we operate consistently, and gives us real time central monitoring of all of our field activities.

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