Flu Vaccinations

Flu Vaccinations - Book Throughout the UK

Collingwood Health offers flu jabs for your organisation and the public.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR 2019: We recommend booking early to ensure availability. We foresee possible issues with vaccination availability for autumn 2019 as they are coming from mainland Europe at the same time Brexit is set to complete. We recommend ordering now to avoid any possibility of delay or non-availability.

Ways to get flu jabs

  • Arrange an onsite Flu Clinic for your workplace
  • Purchase National Vouchers for your staff
    • (This avoids workforce disruption as employees visit a clinic of choice on their own time)
  • The public can also come to one of our clinics in Slough or Sheffield to receive a jab.

Please contact us to book now or use our handy online booking form.


  • Flu can keep employees off work for 2-3 weeks
  • Office for National Statistics figures show flu contributed towards 34 million working days lost
  • Company-wide vaccination protects productivity
  • Flu vaccinations reduce sickness absence
  • Spread of flu is inevitable and moves quickly in offices
  • Herd immunity protects your staff and the bottom line
  • Vaccinations are key to a staff Wellbeing programme
  • Vaccinations are a valued employee benefit
  • Department of Health says health/social workers require flu jabs

Please see our Flu Resource page for more information