Our range of consultancy services and projects is broad, so if you have a workforce health related project, we are your experts.

Health Risk Assessments
We can advise on the health impact of a new process or new chemicals or materials that you may be using, for example. We can apply this to an individual worker, groups, or entire teams. An employee returning to work after a long absence may need risk assessing before they can take up the full remit of their role.

Occupational Exposure Monitoring
If your employees are exposed to potential hazards or risks at work, you need to know what these are, and to ensure that you are not harming your people. Regular audits and testing are a legal requirement, but also make extremely good sense. We offer a full range of Occupational Exposure Monitoring (OEM) and occupational hygiene testing and reporting, from dust, noise, chemicals and lighting, to radiation, asbestos, and more exotic testing. Many of our customers operate in extremely hazardous environments. Where they lead, we follow.

Occupational Health Programme Development
We help our customers develop occupational health and monitoring programmes that exactly match their needs. Sometimes this may mean re-validating long standing practices and assumptions, while other times it may mean coming in with a fresh pair of eyes.

Most health programmes are a combination of what needs to be done legally, what could be done as common best practice, and what an organisation chooses to do about the health and wellbeing of its workforce.

We have worked with large global enterprises, small local businesses, and a range of public sector bodies – to develop these programmes. Let us do the same for your organisation.

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