The Value of Occupational Health to Workplace Wellbeing

Society of Occupational Medicine

A report of this kind is needed for a number of reasons, reflected in conversations we have had amongst ourselves and with a range of stakeholders from different organisations and professions.

The first concerns identifying whether there is a point of difference between ‘wellbeing provision’ and ‘occupational health provision’, and consequently what that difference might be. If there is a difference between wellbeing on the one hand and health on the other, it is doubtless a blurred one. Any confusion here is also reflected in uncertainty over which legislative regulations might apply – for example, both health and safety legislation and equality, diversity and inclusion legislation are relevant.

The second concerns which professional group is responsible for workplace wellbeing. Is it human resources professionals, for whom wellbeing might be linked to initiatives concerning employee engagement, retention or equality, diversity and inclusion? Or should the responsibility reside with occupational health professionals, who can lay claim to specialised knowledge around health?

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