Occupational health: the value proposition

“This report provides a comprehensive analysis and evidence review of the
value of occupational health. It comes at a critical time for the policy agenda for work and health, and the challenge of the productivity gap. It is essential reading for managers, clinicians and policy makers.”

– Lord Blunkett, SOM Patron

Occupational health specialists enhance employee health, workforce productivity, business performance and the economy

“ ‘Occupational health: the value proposition’ brings togetherin one place key research and evidence detailing the businessbenefits for the provision of occupational health within the workplace. Taking the assessment beyond legal compliance, this honest and accessible report highlights how occupational health can bring added, measurable value in terms of employee productivity and engagement. The report supports and complements the practical guidance produced by IOSH. Ensuring that employees are happy, healthy and in work is at the heart of IOSH’s vision and this report offers further evidence of the benefit such an approach can bring to all organisations.”

– Bev Messinger, Chief Executive, Institution of Occupational Safety and Health

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