On Site Service Requirements

Collingwood Health On Site Service Requirements

Our Requirements

On Site Mobile Screening Unit

  • Electric Hook Up 240v 3 pin
  • 3 Standard Car Parking spaces
  • Height restrictions – 3.24m (H) x 7.2m (L) x 2.8m (W) (Smaller vehicles maybe available)
  • WIFI access to operate patient management system
  • Free from noise pollution
  • Away from traffic and other moving vehicles
  • Where possible area must be free from communication barriers (High Metal wall, Overhead power line, etc.)
  • Parking on Level hard standing

On Site Health Surveillance (no biological monitoring/drug and alcohol testing)  

  • Private room with 1 x large desk 2 x chairs minimum (Free from any noise pollution)  
  • Power sockets 3 pin domestic 
  • Not over looked or have the ability to block out any windows and glass panelled doors  
  • If vaccinations to be given, another person available to assist in any emergency procedures.
  • In the event of vaccinations or serology services then there should be the provision of sharps and clinical waste facilities.

On Site Biological Monitoring/ Drug and Alcohol Testing  

  • Non-Communal Bathroom Facilities  
  • Power sockets 3 pin domestic  
  • Shower Facilities (where appropriate)  
  • Private room with 1 x desk and 2 x chairs 
  • Not over looked or have the ability to block out any windows and glass panelled doors  

Upon Arrival 

Our staff will arrive on your site 30 minutes before the start of the first assessment. They will need to be met by a site contact who will need to advise on where to park the mobile unit and where to connect the mobile unit to an electricity supply –  (240v/3 pin socket). If there is a delay, this will delay the start of the clinic. 

Site contact 

Our staff will require a site contact to be available over the phone 30 minutes before the start of the mobile clinic and for the entire duration of the site clinic. We have scheduled in a 15 minute debrief which will need to be attended by a designated site contact – ideally this will be the representative who will receive the feedback reports from the clinic. This is an important opportunity to discuss the clinic and explain actions from any of the reports in person. This can help answer any questions that you may have later.  

Appointment lists and running order of the clinic 

Once the booking is confirmed you will be asked to complete an appointment list for our attending clinician, an example template can be found at the end of this document. It is important that you complete this as accurately as possible to avoid complications during the clinic. The appointment list will need to include the time of the assessment and what assessment the employee requires. It is your responsibility to inform all employees of their assessment times and ensure that they arrive at their appointment before the start time.  

Mandatory Information

We must ensure the health records for the employees are up to date and include all relevant information. Can all employees be made aware they will need to provide their National Insurance number as a mandatory part of the assessment.

DNA process 

If any employees are late for their appointments, then this can cause delays in the clinic and we cannot guarantee that all employees will be seen for their assessments. We are unable to extend the finish time of the clinic for any reason without prior notice as this will come with additional charges. Please ensure that employees are aware of their assessment times and can attend prior to their start time. If employees are absent on the day of the clinic then employees can be swapped if the assessment times match. The clinician on site will need to be informed of any changes to the appointment lists as soon as possible.  

Clinical Review  

During health surveillance, it is not always possible to provide all the appropriate recommendations or adjustments at the time. We may review data in line with recommendations on the report; in this instance, further feedback will be advised to the company. Clinical review does not incur any additional cost. 

Cancellation Policy 

Any cancellations made within 10 working days of the booking will incur a 100% charge. 

On Site Travel Clinic

  • 2 x private rooms – 1 with desk and 2 chairs, 1 with bed/ room for bed

Health surveillance information for employees 

On this page there is some information that will need to be given to all employees who are having health surveillance assessments. It is important that employees are given this information and apply it as closely as is reasonably practical. This is to ensure that we obtain accurate test results and can complete the assessment as efficiently as possible.