Free Stress & Mental Health Master Class 2020 hosted by Collingwood Health

This is our first workshop of the year looking at Managing Stress in the Workplace forming part of the Master Class 2020 focusing on Stress and Mental Health.

Stress in the workplace is on the increase – Why not come along to learn techniques to manage stress and improve your wellbeing?

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Workplace Assessments & Mental Health – Why you need more than a DSE Assessment

A DSE Assessment won’t answer every complaint an employee may have. A DSE Assessment can be done by different levels of practitioner, from a top Specialist down to a lower-level DSE assessor with no medical training. Quite often, mental health related issues arise during a DSE Assessment that may lead to further costs if you’re using a low-level assessor.

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Management referrals & HR: How best to enlist the help of an Occupational Health provider

Many of the calls I receive come from managers looking for information on how to refer an employee for an occupational health assessment. What looks daunting from the outside should be a straightforward process, even if referrals come with complex histories. Below I go through what a management referral process looks like, offering advice and tips for managers.

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