Health surveillance information for employees

How to prepare for a health surveillance assessment 

For us to properly assess you and avoid any errors that could have a negative impact on you results, we have produced this leaflet to help you prepare for your upcoming assessment. Please read carefully through the guide below to ensure you comply with all requirements prior to your appointment. 

Prescription medication 

Please bring a detailed list of your current medication, including any others taken in the last month. 


To prepare for your upcoming Audiometry appointment please follow these guidelines: 

  • Have a ‘quiet time’ if possible prior to an audio test – around 20 minutes is ideal.  
  • Avoid loud social (e.g. night clubs or concerts, using power tools etc.) or gunfire noise exposures the day before. This reduces the likelihood of a Temporary Threshold Shift (TTS); this will affect your test due to the noise exposure you have experienced. If avoiding loud noises is not possible, it is essential that you wear adequate hearing protection AT ALL TIMES prior to the test. Please advise us when you attend your appointment, and our tester will record the fact that TTS is a possibility and suggest repeating the test at another time if the result is abnormal. 

Inform your employer if you have any temporary issues with your ears (e.g., ear infection) so your appointment can be re-arranged as we will be unable to perform the audio test. You should also not have an audiometry test for up to two weeks after having your ears syringed. Employees must ensure ears are free from occlusion (Wax). 

Please bring all PPE that you wear as part of your role with you to the assessment. 

Lung function testing 

If you are scheduled for a Lung Function test, please avoid, if possible: 

  • Strenuous exercise within 30 minutes of the test 
  • A heavy meal 2 hours prior to test 
  • Smoking one hour before the test 
  • Do not wear any clothing that could restrict your breathing 
  • Consuming alcohol within four hours of the test 

Please be advised: There are certain health conditions identified on the questionnaire that may prevent the lung function test being performed including: 

  • Elevated blood pressure 180 or above (systolic) 100 or above (diastolic) 
  • recent heart attack 
  • recent eye surgery 
  • recent chest surgery 
  • recent abdominal surgery 
  • severe respiratory infection 
  • heart disease 

If any of these apply then a re-test may be recommended. Please note this is not an exhaustive list and the exact reason will not be disclosed to your company, due to confidentiality, without your consent.  

Our member of staff will inform you of any concerns. 

If you are using any respiratory protection equipment as part of your role please bring it along to the assessment.  


Please ensure hands are washed and clean for your skin examination. 

Please be aware of what skin care products are available such as pre and post work creams. If possible, please bring any examples of gloves worn and any other PPE available. 


Please avoid if possible using vibration tools for over an hour before a Tier 3 Nurse assessment for HAVs examination. (Exposure is not a problem for the paper screen tier 1 and 2 appointment) 

Please be prepared to inform us on: 

  • The type of vibration tools and processes you are exposed to 
  • The amount of time exposed per day 
  • The number of days exposed per week 
  • The history of your exposure at other companies 
  • Your health in relation to carrying out your job role 

Vision testing 

For your vision test we require you to: 

  • To bring aids for near or distance vision if worn 
  • Bring your prescription safety glasses to be tested if used whilst driving Mobile Plant Equipment  

Drug and alcohol 

If you are having a drug and alcohol test as part of your medical, you must bring: 

  • Photographic identification in the form of either: 
  • A valid passport 
  • A valid driver license. 
  • Site Contact. (Site contact ID needs to be a person of authority and position needs to be confirmed) 

Please arrive in a condition to be able to provide a urine sample for the drug test.  

Biological monitoring 

Please ensure you arrive for your test showered (if possible) and changed out of work clothes to avoid any risk of contamination of your sample. Please arrive in a condition to be able to provide a urine sample for the biological test. This includes drinking sufficient fluids prior to your appointment to be able to provide the urine sample.