Employer led flu jabs a key part of improving bottom line

It's already time to arrange flu jabs for the coming autumn

It’s time for employers to arrange flu jabs for 2019.

With an October Brexit looming and the only producers being from Europe, there’s some worry about the vaccines getting to us, which has resulted in an increase in bookings for our clinics.

We recommend businesses get their flu jab clinic booked now to ensure nurse and vaccine availability.

There are more reasons to get a clinic booked than just availability, however. Immunising staff has clear benefits on your bottom line.

Lower Costs

When the flu starts making its rounds, businesses without immunised staff feel the effects. Employees contracting the flu will take up to 2 weeks off work and cost on average £875 – £1751 each.*

Workforce Resilience

An employee arriving at work poorly may not realise they have caught the flu. Influenza is highly contagious from 1 day before symptoms appear, up to 7 days after. That dedicated employee arriving to work poorly with the flu will infect a workforce. Without immunisations, staff are vulnerable.

Increased Productivity

An employee off poorly increases the workload for those left, which contributes to further staff sickness absence, presenteeism, stress, and anxiety, creating a downward spiral the end of which might not come until the spring of the following year.

Improved National Immunity

By offering staff a flu jab, employers automatically increase uptake. Statistically, 65% of people will have the vaccination without employer engagement. This raises to 85% when employers offer jabs. It would be great to see that as close to 100% as possible. The World Health Organisation reports that up to 72,000 people die each year in our region due to influenza.

Employers offering flu jabs contribute to immunity in the workplace, decreased absences and associated costs, improved health, and our economy.

Aside from that, offering staff a flu vaccination is the right thing to do. It contributes to overall good morale and positive company culture and is a key part of any company wellness programme.

Collingwood Health provides over 8000 flu vaccinations to private and public employees annually and have been in occupational health for over 70 years.

Our vaccinations are offered at customer worksites, our clinics, or by redeemable national flu vouchers used at any major high street pharmacy. We can have half and full day clinics covering 40 to 80 employees per session and offer bespoke programmes for those with special requirements.

Please visit our flu page for more information and to get in touch.

*Accounting for 1 – 2 weeks off work using the Office for National Statistics average UK salary of £29,009 with 252 working days a year (accounting for 20 days of annual leave).

Nichole Humphrey is the Sales Manager at Collingwood Health. With over 25 years of experience in Canada and the United Kingdom, she is committed to providing the best occupational health and wellbeing solutions to employers.