As a full scope national occupational health provider, we are proud of the work we do for our many customers across all sectors, both public and private.

The breadth of services Collingwood Health provides is constantly growing as new health risks come into focus, and new legislation takes effect. We have an expanded national footprint with the capabilities the acquisition of our Slough Medical Centre and London location has brought, complimenting our Sheffield and Cardiff locations.

Our team is growing as we train and accredit our Occupational Health Physicians, Advisors, and Technicians – all supported by a robust Clinical Governance structure.

We have put our all into our technology, with cloud based patient management systems allowing real time access and escalation, plus an ability to operate anywhere a wifi signal can be found.

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At Collingwood Health, we think our back-story matters, and hope you do too.

On one root, Collingwood traces its origins back to 1947, pre-dating the NHS, where we became the first recognisable “occupational health” company in Britain. Founded as a charity, that entity became known as Corporate Health, with four clinics in and around Slough and the South East.

On the other root, Collingwood emerged from the industrial heartland of the post-war period, as the in-house welfare arm of British Steel, headquartered in Sheffield. Through various iterations from the 1950’s onwards, this became EEF Occupational Health in 2006. We still have an affiliation with EEF (Engineering Employers Federation).

Both organisations can rightly claim to have been at the vanguard of the branch of medicine that we now know as occupational health. We are proud to be true thought leaders and innovators.

Collingwood Health acquired EEF Occupational Health in 2011, and Corporate Health in 2015. Both now sit branded under the same tree: Collingwood Health.

Click here for a great video clip from the early days.